Originally established over twenty years ago as research-focused company exploring the safe and effective uses of natural products for the treatment of human and animal disease, the company is now focused on commercialization of products it has identified and developed as a direct result of those efforts.  

The company’s efforts have been and continue to be funded by savvy investors that support the development of life-changing, natural product-based, green technologies backed by credible and reliable scientific evidence.  They believe in and understand the importance of scientific rigor and are driven to support our commercialization and regulatory approval efforts knowing that together doing so will lead toward achieving important societal commitments.

Research and Development

The company’s technology platform centers on the observed broad and highly effective therapeutic and prophylactic activities of Nerium oleander-based products.  An ever-increasing amount of in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo experimental data are proving the efficacy of our products against viral disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease. The company is also developing topically applied products that have demonstrated a strong ability to reduce cutaneous inflammation and reduce dermal pain.

Unlike many synthetic antiviral or anti-cancer drugs which may cause substantial treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs), our natural products have been safely administered to humans with little to no TEAEs.  We continue to find very high efficacy at concentrations that are well below maximum-tolerated concentrations.

We work with universities and other corporations to achieve research, development, and commercialization objectives. We take great pride in our past as well as ongoing research collaborations with institutions such as the U.S. Army, Southern Methodist University, Duke University, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses, University of Texas Medical Branch, and NIS Labs.

Social Responsibility

The company is focusing its efforts to develop and commercialize products that conform with the new paradigm for the socially responsible approach to the treatment of cancer as described by the National Cancer Institute.

The new paradigm seeks to develop therapeutic agents and treatment regimens that will enable physicians to eventually deal with cancer as a chronic condition rather than an acute condition and enable patients to live extended lives with a high or improved quality of life.

A Worldwide Effort

The company’s R&D and commercialization efforts are part of worldwide independent efforts by many who recognize the high potential of oleander extracts and oleandrin toward development of safe and effective therapies for treating a wide array of diseases and disorders.

Just a small example of the worldwide efforts of others unaffiliated with PBI can be found in the recent (2021-2022) publications of the University of Seville (PMID: 23824549), Tianjin University of Traditional Medicine (PMID: 29540313), Liaoning Cancer Hospital & Institute (PMID: 33762577), University of Bucharest (PMID: 32957533), Jining Medical University (PMID: 35273501), Federal University of Goiás (PMID: 35772506), CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (PMID: 35355343), Jinnah Sindh Medical University (PMID: 33933037), North Orissa University (PMID: 32781975), Government College University Faisalabad (PMID: 32640345), Bezmialem Vakif University Medical School (PMID: 31900072), Marmara University (PMID: 31771386), and others.