Nerium oleander: Safe and Effective Therapies

Texas-based Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. specializes in the development of safe and effective natural products for the treatment of human and animal disease.  We are deeply committed to battling diseases with unmet needs in humans or with significant economic impact on commercial livestock health and to making our products widely available at low cost. Data developed to date justify further efforts toward development of therapies in the areas of cancer, virus mediated diseases, neuroprotection, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Efficacy of oleandrin and PBI-05204 against viruses of importance to commercial pig health management

The research demonstrates the potency of oleandrin and PBI-05204 to inhibit infectivity of three important porcine viruses. These data showing non-toxic concentrations of oleandrin as a single common agent for inhibiting infectivity of the three different porcine viruses tested here support further investigation of antiviral efficacy.


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