Nerium oleander: Safe and Effective Therapies

Texas-based Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. specializes in the development of safe and effective natural products for the treatment of human and animal disease.  We are deeply committed to battling diseases with unmet needs in humans or with significant economic impact on commercial livestock health and to making our products widely available at low cost. Data developed to date justify further efforts toward development of therapies in the areas of cancer, virus mediated diseases, neuroprotection, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Oleander attenuates hepatic inflammation in a TLR4-independent manner and by favorable modulation of hepatocellular global metabolome that supports cytoprotection

Nerium oleander (NO) has been traditionally used in medicinal systems across the globe to treat liver-associated chronic metabolic diseases. This article reports the results of an investigation into the cellular mechanisms involved in the hepatoprotective effects of a non-toxic dose of oleander. NO reduced systemic inflammation, serum[read more]


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