Rational Therapeutics

Rational Therapeutics is a pioneering cancer research laboratory specializing in personalized cancer care. The results of their Ex-Vivo Analysis—Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform creates a unique functional profile of human tumor's sensitivity and resistance to various drugs and combinations. As such it represents an important step between successful Phase I clinical trials and expanded, expensive Phase II clinical evaluation of a given drug's efficacy against selected malignant diseases.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. has entered into a sponsored research agreement with Rational Therapeutics to further evaluate the anticancer potential of its lead product, PBI-05204, against a variety of human tumor samples obtained from surgical excision of patient cancers. Preliminary data are very encouraging and are helping to specify the most promising types of human cancers which respond most favorably to PBI-05204. This, then, serves as a useful guide to further studies of PBI-05204 in drug combinations as well as eventual Phase II clinical studies.