Photomicrograph of a Nerium oleander leaf.
Nerium oleander cultivation.
Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, PBI, Inc.
Photomicrograph of human nerve cells.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. (PBI)'s Focus

While the prevention and treatment of human malignant disease remains PBI's primary focus, novel, patented extracts of Nerium oleander continue to reveal promising avenues of research showing activity against certain viral and neurodegenerative diseases.

2011 and 2009 ASCO
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2009 SIO Intl' Conference
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2004 SATAI
"Technology Super Star"


April, 2017
Trade Article written by David Holley at Xconomy.


January, 2017
PBI is extremely pleased to announce an expansion of their Scientific Advisory Board to include world class experts in antiviral, neurodegenerative disease and cancer related research fields. Please see the SAB tab on this web page to view current SAB members, institutional affiliations and brief biographies.

January, 2017
Because the active principle ingredient in PBI-05204 readily crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) it has the potential to benefit malignant disease that resides in the brain. PBI has initiated research on pediatric glioblastoma multiforma (GBM) together with Dr. Xiao-Nan Li (Brain Tumor Program, Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine) and Dr. Peiying Yang (Univ. Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center). Initial preclinical research with PBI-05204 against human GBM growing in vitro as well as in murine brain tissue has been very encouraging. There are few, if any, current effective drugs available for treatment of pediatric GBM.

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