Photomicrograph of a Nerium oleander leaf.
Nerium oleander cultivation.
Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, PBI, Inc.
Photomicrograph of human nerve cells.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. (PBI)'s Focus

While the prevention and treatment of human malignant disease remains PBI's primary focus, novel, patented extracts of Nerium oleander continue to reveal promising avenues of research showing activity against certain viral and neurodegenerative diseases.

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April, 2018
Donald C. Lo, Ph.D., formerly Director of the Center for Drug Discovery and Associate Professor of Neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center, has resigned from his position with Duke University Medical Center and from the Phoenix Biotechnology Scientific Board in order to accept a new position with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as Director of the Therapeutics Development Branch of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). According to the NIH website, the purpose of NCATS is to “develop innovations to reduce, remove or bypass costly and time-consuming bottlenecks in the translational research pipeline in an effort to speed the delivery of new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices to patients.”

February, 2018
An independent review article written by Turkish investigators has been published titled: “Neuroprotective and tumoricidal activities of cardiac glycosides. Could oleandrin be a new weapon against stroke and glioblastoma?” Int. J. Neuroscience 2018 Feb 15: 1-13. [Comment from Dr. Newman: This article cites PBI’s research].


A research program with Dr. Claudio Festuccia (Department of Experimental Medicine, University of L’Quila, Italy) is currently underway exploring the relative effects of PBI’s oleander extract combined with radiotherapy against glioblastoma.