Photomicrograph of a Nerium oleander leaf.
Nerium oleander cultivation.
Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, PBI, Inc.
Photomicrograph of human nerve cells.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. (PBI)'s Focus

While the prevention and treatment of human malignant disease remains PBI's primary focus, novel, patented extracts of Nerium oleander continue to reveal promising avenues of research showing activity against certain viral and neurodegenerative diseases.

2011 and 2009 ASCO
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2009 SIO Intl' Conference
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2004 SATAI
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June, 2016
Currently 42 patients have been enrolled in our PBI-05204 Phase II clinical trial for treatment of Stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer at five sites across the USA. The study is on hold to new patient accrual pending the first interim analysis of data anticipated for mid-July per FDA protocol requirements. Enrollment to date represents 85% of planned patient accrual.

June, 2016
The article titled "Pharmacokinetics and Comparative Effects of Frondosides in Pancreatic Cancer" by: Jasem Al Shemaili, Khatija Parekh, Robert Newman, Björn Hellman, Carl Woodward, Abdu Adem, Peter Collin, Thomas E Adrian is now published in Marine Drugs.


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