Photomicrograph of a Nerium oleander leaf.
Nerium oleander cultivation.
Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, PBI, Inc.
Photomicrograph of human nerve cells.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. (PBI)'s Focus

While the prevention and treatment of human malignant disease remains PBI's primary focus, novel, patented extracts of Nerium oleander continue to reveal promising avenues of research showing activity against certain viral and neurodegenerative diseases.

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May, 2019
"Oleandrin sensitizes human osteosarcoma cells to cisplatin by preventing degradation of the copper transporter 1". Yong L, Ma Y, et al. Phtyother. Res. 2019 May.
This article shows that oleandrin enhances or synergizes with the standard of care chemotherapy agent cisplatin against osteosarcoma (bone) cancer.
Importance: Phoenix Biotechnology's drug PBI-05204 contains oleandrin as one of its main active ingredients and we have previously shown that it acts in a synergistic manner with chemotherapy drugs against a variety of different types of human malignant disease. New data being prepared for publication now shows the PBI-05204 is synergistic with Temozolamide and radiotherapy against glioblastoma, a difficult to treat form of brain cancer.


"Oleandrin and its derivative Odoroside A, both cardiac glycosides, exhibit anticancer effects by inhibiting invasion via suppressing the STAT-3 signaling pathway". Intnl. J. Mol. Sci. 2018, 19(11); 3350. Ko YS, Rugira T, Jin H, Park SW and Kim HJ.
This article demonstrates that oleandrin and odoroside A, both of which are contained within PBI-05204, are effective at inhibiting the invasive capacity of human breast cancer cells. In addition, they reduce breast cancer stem cell activity.