Photomicrograph of a Nerium oleander leaf.
Nerium oleander cultivation.
Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, PBI, Inc.
Photomicrograph of human nerve cells.

Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. (PBI)'s Focus

While the prevention and treatment of human malignant disease remains PBI's primary focus, novel, patented extracts of Nerium oleander continue to reveal promising avenues of research showing activity against certain viral and neurodegenerative diseases.

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March, 2019
HTLV-1. HTLV stands for Human T-cell Leukemia Virus. It is a retrovirus that infects a type of white blood cell called a T-cell or T-lymphocyte. HTLV-1 can be passed on through infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids, rectal secretions, breast milk and organ transplants. Two of the more severe consequences of HTLV-1 infection are ATLL (adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma) and HAM/TSP (HTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy/Tropical Spastic Paraparesis) which is an inflammation of the cells of the spinal cord that can cause stiffness and weakness of the legs, lower leg and backache, a ‘weak’ bladder, constipation and erectile dysfunction. In other words, consequences that severely impact the quality of one’s life. Now, research conducted with colleagues at Southern Methodist University, has shown that PBI-05204 (as well as oleandrin) has the ability to reduce the potential of HTLV-1 virus to ‘synapse’ with cells thus blocking the infection. A manuscript describing this exciting research is presently being prepared.

October, 2018
Glioblastoma research. In two independent labs, research has now established significant benefit of PBI-05204 against human glioblastoma (GBM) in mice with xenograft tumors. The response to PBI-05204 alone when administered orally was significant, but the response when PBI-05204 was used in combination with temozolamide and radiotherapy was outstanding. Mechanistic and related pharmacology studies are currently underway.